Pack 241 - Boynton Beach, FL

posted Apr 27, 2012, 11:51 PM by Tracey Smith

Address of Your New Website


The Website is Perfect for Our Pack 


Strongly Agree 


Most Confusing Part of The Launch Process 

I'm not really sure. We found the template and started working on it and I was a little confused being my first time using Google sites, somehow I came across the launch documents. So I deleted my first attempt and started over following the step by step launch process and it was very easy from that point on.

So I guess my only thing would be somehow to let users know from the very start to go to Google Docs and print the launch instructions and how to modify the pages.


Overall Opinion of the Launch Instructions 

  The instructions are great. Very easy to follow and in an order that makes sense. 


The template is great. If you are not a "web developer", but know basics of how to format text, insert pictures etc. then you can still launch a website loaded with all the information you need. Modify your logo, input your pack# and change meeting times places so that it has your personal information in it and you are good to go.

If you are like me and a computer tech type person, who is very versed in computers and web then this template has great bones to start. Do as above and get your logo and pack info added, boom website launched. From there you can go page by page and start adding your own personal touch such as changing the font colors, pictures, videos, page theme and even the layout of some of the pages so it flows better for you.

The same basic "structure" of the pages is still there, but with your own flare.

I'm still thinking of pages to add which work for out pack. My parents and leaders love it since now they can go to one place and from there jump off to all the major / popular scouting websites. They also like the fact that the website is changed and updated constantly. It keeps them coming back to see what's new.

Pack Trainer / Site Administrator
Pack 241 Boynton Beach, FL


How long has it taken you to get to this point? 


1 week +++